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“The only person who can create a richer, more fulfilling life for you … is you.”

I’m sure you’ve heard these words before and depending on your state of mind, they’ll either inspire or frustrate you. Regardless — whether you’re turned on or off —at a deep level, this age-old advice will probably ring true. So why would these simple words land so differently, and create such a radically different response depending on your state of mind? Exploring this question is at the root of human potential work.

Ever since the human potential movement began in the United States in the 1960’s, the concept that has grabbed — and continues to attract — millions of people from all walks of life is this: it is entirely possible to dramatically affect your own life if — and it’s a big “if” — you’re in the right state of mind to do so.

And, if you’re in the right state of mind, possibilities of how to elevate your life and future are so apparent and captivating that you’ll be compelled to develop what seems like superhuman abilities to make them reality. In this context, the idea of superhuman abilities — and the very meaning of human potential work — both point to the idea that you can master our own destiny through personal intention.

Is this really possible? As a human potential expert — who has personally experienced and witnessed in others an undeniable connection between intention and manifestation — I believe it is possible to become a master of your destiny.

The problem (and it’s a big problem) is that you must stay in an elevated state of mind long enough to shape your potential into reality. And try as you might, the turned-off part of you, called ego, will fight with a cunning power to pull you back into a fog of confusion, frustration and disbelief. The moment ego takes the steering wheel of your life, your inspiration will deflate like a popped balloon and you will be in for a bumpy ride.

Through a human potential lens, however, there’s an answer to this debilitating self-sabotage which can be summed up in two words: human growth. To become a master your destiny, you must grow and strengthen your expanded self — a brilliant part of you beyond ego’s grasp. The expanded self is programmed to unlock human potential. It is much wiser than your ego and infinitely capable of shaping a new life.

How can you strengthen your expanded self enough to keep ego at bay? Like any other area in life that you wish to improve, developing your expanded self requires a steadfast commitment over time. Your perseverance makes it possible to create a path to your highest potential.

Choosing to develop enhanced human abilities, that keep ego in check, is the most important decision you’ll make in your lifetime. It’s the only chance you have to win against ego — which I call your limited self — and embody your expanded self more of the time. In other words, your choice to develop your expanded self is the only way to embrace your full potential.

But this choice cannot be approached as a project, trend or even goal. For the real magic to show up — meaning to tap into the energy that allows you to create a life of ever-increasing creativity, prosperity and fulfillment — your path must be embraced as a way of life.

The real magic shows up when you keep your eyes and heart open and learn to follow your hunches. In fact, much of developing your human potential is about trusting your hunches, but not based on blind faith. You will responsibly trust your hunches when you have developed the sensitivity to know what’s right for you. This sensitivity is what I referred to earlier as superhuman abilities.

Let me explain: to develop their potential, no two successful people will need the exact same path and they will not be attracted to the exact same destination. The best path for you is one that is specific to your needs and dynamic so that it will always be filled with a palpable power.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned traveler — as you fine-tune your path and develop your sensitivities, you’ll understand that the goal is not to reach perfection, but to develop greater personal influence in life.

A sign that you’re on a powerful path is when you literally experience an energy-of-possibilities that opens your mind to new ways of thinking and being. Learning to break through the limitations of ego and shape this energy into a new reality is exactly where the development of your human potential begins. Much greater influence in your life is the goal, but this will look different for everyone.

I’ve seen it time and again; clients who came to me with a sense of the possible but were unable to build a life they desired. Even if they had a faithful daily practice, such as meditation, chakra balancing, affirmations, guiding imagery, etc. — they could not use the power they cultivated because they didn’t understand how to take command of the energetic gains for which they worked — until I showed them how to embody the valuable energy they were developing.

The first step to creating a life that reflects the deepest desires of your soul, is to gain a deep understanding of how the human psyche works so that you may find your way around the pitfalls you’ll inevitably face when ego shows up on your path ahead.

Finding your path does not mean you need to reinvent the wheel. Think of it like you are discovering a new way to get someplace. The roads are already there. You just need to choose the ones you wish to travel.

Here Are The Five Essential Components That Give You Greater Influence In Life:

Tools to Understand Your Psyche

A few decades ago, I created a 21st century model for success and taught it to my private clients enrolled at my institute. It proved to be so effective that my clients were significantly leveling-up their lives in a brief period of time.

My Energetics-of-Success model —  which combines little known secrets from psychology, spirituality and the mystical aspects of quantum physics that I learned through both formal study and personal exploration, along with 25 plus years experience as a professional psychotherapist and executive coach — is now the foundation of my Profound Success Mastermind.

While the depth and breadth of the model are too comprehensive to share in this brief article, here are a few of the Energetics-of-Success tools I use to help free people from the ego’s hold so that they may pursue their highest potential:

The Bridge of Choice

Inspired by decades of study and practice in the field of psychology, my Bridge of Choice tool shines a light on how your psyche works below the surface to either hinder or support you in reaching your visions and goals. This map shows you the exact steps you must take to create a radical shift in your life. Knowing it’s possible to leave your limited self behind and move toward your expanded self — where you’ll see your way through any situation, challenge or dilemma more clearly — will empower you to make choices that lead to where you want to go.

But you cannot reach your potential just by understanding how the psyche works. You must continue on your path to actually develop what I call the Eight Success Cores. This development will radically change how you think and feel. And, in addition to a brighter inner experience, you’ll become more capable than ever of creating a life that reflects the deepest desires of your soul.

Your 8 Success Cores

Through a life-time of deep spiritual exploration — including a heartfelt embrace of the eastern chakra system, I have developed a system I call the Eight Success Cores. While inspired by the chakra system, I have gone further with my model to create a way to think about directing your spiritual development to the creation of profound success in life.

I show you exactly how to empower your Eight Success Cores so that you may elevate your life and manifest your potential. While it’s not necessary to develop every Success Core at once, it is important to pursue a path of continuous personal improvement.

With this approach, you’ll determine which Success Cores need to be empowered at any given moment.

Here’s A Very Brief Summary
Of Your Eight Success Cores:

1st Success Core: A Powerful Sense of Security

Accessing your highest potential isn’t possible if you feel insecure. But you also don’t need external security to build a sense of security inside yourself. The secret is to develop a sense of security based on being seated in your body; comfortable in your skin; at home with yourself. Becoming secure with yourself in this way activates tremendous positive changes in your external world.

2nd Success Core: Unlimited Creativity

Being creative does not mean that you must be an artist, singer, dancer or actor. When it comes to tapping your highest potential, creativity is about the way you live. Are you filled with vitality? Do you solve problems as they arise? Do you feel remarkably free to pursue your mission, passion and goals? Cultivating your 2nd Success Core results in living as a creative being more of the time. It means that you get a glimpse of seeing life itself as your stage. You write the script. You act out the performance. And, because you are the star of your show, you choose to shine in all the ways that bring greater fulfillment to your life.

3rd Success Core: Personal Empowerment

Much of developing human potential is about increasing strength. Not just physical strength, but increasing mental, emotional, spiritual and dreaming strength are all part of developing your human potential. By dreaming strength, I’m referring to your ability to dream your future into being.

While ego positions you as a helpless victim to life circumstances, your expanded self seeks command of your life and future. The foundation of this command is personal empowerment.
As you develop a sense of empowerment, everything about your life will change in remarkable ways.

4th Success Core: A Heart Centered Life

What are the greatest strategies ego uses to destroy your life? It limits your self-concept so that you cannot imagine creating a better life, it promotes critical self-talk and it makes you blind to the parts of your life that are fabulous.

Have you ever felt this at the exact moment it happens? It’s as if a switch is flipped in your psyche. One minute you feel great or have hope about your life and the next moment, your expanded self is gone. What happened? Ego shut down your 4th Success Core; your heart center.

When your heart center (the part of you that feels love) is shut down, you cannot feel inspired. You cannot experience a pure love for life and you cannot hold a power that moves mountains. To tap into your highest potential your heart center must not only be open but continually evolving from a broken, reflexive and outdated defense system to a finely tuned instrument capable of fully experiencing the heart opening, heart resonating and heart expanding journey of life.

5th Success Core: A Strong Will

Your will is hardwired to serve ego. This is why people who have traveled a dedicated human potential development path for years still wrestle with poor habits, lack of discipline and difficulty maintaining structure in their lives. Yet, they have also experienced first hand the exhilaration that comes from aligning will with the expanded self. Through this alignment they are able to live an almost superhuman life — with impeccable discipline, structure and habits that support profound success. Developing your 5th Success Core requires patience, persistence and an ongoing process. I personally believe that the 5th Success Core: Your Will it is the last to develop and the first to collapse if you don’t work with it regularly.

6th Success Core: Personal Clarity

Without clarity, it is impossible to reach profound success in life. Any yet, clarity is one thing that most people struggle with. They think that working harder to understand something will bring clarity. But, from a human potential standpoint, that doesn’t work. Clarity is the result of developing your 6th Success Core — which is all about discovering a neutral place to rest your thoughts so that you may observe your life and world from a non-reactive center. Developing the 6th Success Core is about disciplining your mind so that it works for you rather than against you. And it is about aligning your heart and mind so that you are not living from a place of internal conflict. You are clear about who you are and where you are going. And, you can read the signs in your life to learn the best ways to proceed toward profound success.

7th Success Core: Elevated Thinking

What separates ordinary life from an extraordinary life? Elevated thinking. When you develop your 7th Success Core you are thinking at a higher level, more creatively, more intuitively and more attuned to the universe. With the development of your 7th Success Core, you are inviting epiphanies and revelations about what’s happening on a higher level to free you from ego’s grasp. Ego cannot stand up to elevated thinking, so when your 7th Success Core is developed and activated you are beyond the reach of ego and free to joyously use your mind for the betterment of your life and world.

8th Success Core: Command of Your Life

Have you had moments where you have felt in command of your life? Not just at work, or on a project — but in terms of feeling as though you are co-creating your life with the universe? When your 8th Success Core is developed, you have partnered with universal intelligence and your life becomes magical. Synchronicities and epiphanies are the hallmarks of the 8th Success Core. You feel both guided within and surrendered to the life you have always wanted.

Techniques to Tap Your Highest Potential

To truly develop your human potential and receive the benefits of an extraordinary life, you must go beyond simply understanding how your psyche works and how to develop your success cores. You must cultivate experiences of being profoundly aligned with universal intelligence.

I’ve had several powerful mystical experiences in my life, the most profound of which I share about in my books, The Gifted: Free Your Inner Gifts for a Brand-New Life and Mountaintop Prosperity: Move Quickly to New Heights in Life, Work and Money.

Through these extraordinary experiences, that have clarified my life mission and how to achieve it, I’ve come to believe that moments of great personal insight come from alignment with universal intelligence. Knowledge that we, as a species are evolving to gain, seems to break through into consciousness when we are dedicated to the development of our human potential.

Having direct downloads of powerful knowledge brings incredible and practical value that can dramatically uplift your life. The energetic tools and practices I have developed (which are similar — but I believe more powerful than — meditation and guided imagery) are designed to encourage this flow of knowledge directly from the universe.

A Community of Like-Minded People

Developing your success cores on your own is a difficult pursuit. I don’t believe you’ll get very far. There is a natural hunger to be with like-minded people when you’re on a journey to develop your human potential and create a life that reflects the deepest desires of your soul.

I believe this hunger comes from a universal truth that we intuitively know and in our greatest moments, live by. Simply stated, we know on a deep level that it is within the power of a high-bandwidth community that we make our greatest progress. A community — such as the Think Higher Community in my Profound Success Mastermind — are like-minded individuals who are healthy, dedicated and focussed on a common goal.

Regardless if you ever meet those with whom you are energetically connected, working in community, I believe, opens the gifts of osmosis, connection and support in the domain of quantum physics. The rewards of this type of intimacy and support with increase your motivation, inspiration and dedication to become who you are meant to be.

Personal Coaching

Before devoting my entire focus to the human potential development, I served as a psychotherapist in a decades-long private practice. It was a rewarding time, because I witnessed deep and powerful transformation on a daily basis. It became clear to me that partnering with individuals in their pursuit of a better life should not be just about transforming from illness to wellness. Partnering in the pursuit of a better life can also be about supporting high functioning individuals to reach higher bandwidths of health, wealth and abundance.

In fact, everyone can benefit from personal coaching. It may be the tiniest shift of perspective — brought about by the wisdom of a personal coach — that changes the entire trajectory of your life.

A Continuous Journey

Influenced by my own path that began early in my life — at just 19 years old — I understand the importance of a continuous journey. Developing your human potential is a life-time journey. Every day counts. Every minute counts. Discovering how to bring forth your highest potential, so that you may live a life that reflects the deepest desires of your soul, requires a continuous process of learning, evolving and becoming who you are meant to be. It is a personal, intimate journey that results in mastery — on our best days — and humility, self-compassion and gratitude in our most challenging times.

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