Words of Gratitude From Valued Clients

Daphne has been immensely helpful in my journey of discovery of my deeper self and my place in the world. I will be forever grateful for the way her skills and gifts have benefited me. Thank you Daphne!

Robert Spradlin

Daphne is exceptional! She has helped me transform my life in ways I never could’ve imagined. She continues to help me transform my life and assists me in reaching goals I never thought possible. You will not be disappointed working with Daphne.

Abby Farr

I offer this testimonial in the spirit of inclusivity. This program attracts wide diversity, experience and knowledge because it shows us how we are the same at a deep level. As a truth seeker who strives to feel fully human it supports me in living my highest potential which includes giving. I call it charity.  I see the Profound Success Mastermind as a movement to make the world a better place one human being at a time. For me it feels like a buoy, helping me stay afloat and navigate at a higher level no matter what’s happening in my daily life.

Teresa Laico

The hands-on guidance, content, and powerful tools that Daphne generously shares are life-altering! Working with Daphne, I have become a successful business owner and powerful leader. I’m confident speaking publicly, able to maintain a positive outlook, and have improved my personal relationships, health and well-being. Daphne has taught me to be the best version of myself. I recommend her programs and services to everyone.

Sydney Eggleston

Daphne is not only an amazing human potential trainer & consultant but also a lovely and extremely professional individual! It is always a pleasure working with her and you can always rest assured that when you have partnered with Daphne – she will bring excellence, elegance, & engagement! Her series are cutting edge & externally thought provoking. There are takeaways that you can start using immediately in your leadership, thought, & personal development. If you want to take your potential to the next level then reach out to Daphne, you won’t be sorry and I’m positive you’ll learn something new!

Mr. and Mrs. Flower

Transformational work, which Daphne is the Stradivarius of, requires an ecosystem of a pristine container, deep awareness and fearless trust. Daphne’s presence, skill and wisdom creates this ecosystem with impeccable precision. I 1000% recommend the opportunity to work with Daphne Michaels and being a part of her transformational community!

Puneet Sachdev

Daphne Michaels is a genius! Her work is undeniably effective in impact and transformation.

Dana Reynolds

Daphne’s work touches human potential at the highest level!

Julia Runyan

Daphne is a master human potential trainer!! Through my work with Daphne I have achieved results I previously would not have imagined. Her unique approach sets her apart from the rest.

Stephanie Leisle

Thank you for your interest in my Exclusive Programs and Coaching Services. Please fill out this form and I will contact you shortly. - Daphne