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Discover Daphne Michaels’ Groundbreaking Book


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Elevate Cover

Stewards of a Higher Bandwidth™

Immerse yourself in a community focused on ultra-conscious living and learning, unlocking the depths of human consciousness to tap into universal vibrations and intelligence. Discover how to channel insights from your higher self and manifest what is right and true for you personally.

Experience the transformative power of consciousness training in a supportive environment. Embrace this extraordinary opportunity to live at the leading edge of life and elevate your existence.

SHB is an acronym for Stewards of a Higher Bandwidth™ which describes countless people around the world that strive to attain higher states of consciousness – because we recognize that our own energetic development is crucial for our survival and to thrive during these tumultuous times. We, as Stewards of a Higher Bandwidth care about life. We care about love. We care about personal, societal and global healing – and as such we are committed to personal evolution and following our callings to help create a better life and world.

The SHB Movement offers an exclusive membership opportunity for all Stewards to join together in a vibrant community and receive life-changing guidance from master trainer Daphne, and become proficient in higher levels of personal growth, human potential, career and career growth and leadership development.

Join us to radically improve your life and world today!

The SHB Movement icon


Unlock your true healing in seconds by shifting your consciousness. Say goodbye to stress and power struggles, and embrace a life filled with joy and fulfillment. Protect yourself from negative forces and live at your optimal vibration and frequency. Experience the freedom to live life to the fullest.

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Discover how vibrations and frequencies can solve your biggest challenges and transform your life. Unlock the secrets to fast-track your personal growth journey by gaining clarity on where you're headed and how to get there. Organize your energy and frequency to bring about significant changes in your life. It's not just about setting goals - it's about transforming your reality!

The SHB Movement icon


Embrace a new way of living by releasing fear and adopting a mindset of love and unity. Upgrade to a more empowered lifestyle where thoughts have the power to create your reality. Live your destiny with confidence and purpose. Learn from like-minded individuals to maximize your impact as a Steward of a Higher Bandwidth™.

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Embrace the era we live in as a powerful catalyst for heightened consciousness...

The change is so apparent and the transformation is spilling into every part of my life…  It’s been just a few months since I have been learning from Daphne Michaels, and I find myself so much stronger and deeply connected to myself… Her programs are designed in such a way that you go deep into quietness and start unraveling your ultimate potential. You embrace life from abundance over scarcity and fear. A master trainer of Daphne’s calibre is hard to find.”

– Alex Kumar

Imagine Having Strong Support to Help You Live an Extraordinary Life.

What if the goals, dreams, and expectations you have for your life didn’t feel so out of reach? And, what if you woke up each day, confident that you were exactly the person you were meant to be, doing the things you’re supposed to be doing, and achieving the success you deserve? 

This is the burning desire of your heart… to create a satisfying and fulfilling life that reflects your deepest desires. Whether that looks like a healthy work-life balance, a luxurious lifestyle, robust health, financial success, or another goal – you want to feel connected to life and full of passion! You also want to feel as if you’re moving forward, growing, changing and upgrading into your fullest potential every day.

But, do you ever feel like some of the pieces to the puzzle of your personal success are missing?

Begin Your Transformation With the Development of Your Light Body. Get Ready to Embark on an Enlightening Journey.

Have you faced any of the following challenges in your own journey? Perhaps you even feel as if something is standing in the way of the evolution you desire, but you’re uncertain of where to begin, or how to get back on track.

  1. Do you feel stuck in your current circumstances, and unable to escape the  monotony of everyday life? And you want to attract more enriching and fulfilling experiences…
  2. Do you know that you can be better in every area of your life – mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally? But you don’t have the training or tools to do so…
  3. Does it sometimes feel as if you’re wasting your time or ‘going through the motions’? And you want to feel a sense of purpose that you are doing what you are supposed to do…
  4. Have you had spiritual glimpses that lead you to search for a connection with a higher realm to guide and empower you? But nothing has given you a clear pathway that leads to lasting results…
  5. Have you dedicated so much time to daily practices such as meditation, chakra balancing, affirmations and more? But you’re still unable to build the life you desire…
  6. Are bad habits, lack of discipline, and difficulty maintaining structure standing in the way of your productivity and success? But you’ve never been able to combat these in a sustainable, long-lasting way…
  7. Are you lonely and in search of likeminded people? But you don’t know where to find them…
  8. Have you been on your path to expanding consciousness for some time now? And you want to receive dedicated guidance from a high-level guide to gain access to personal mastery?

If you’ve answered “YES” to any of the above, or you simply have a burning desire to enter a new era of enlightenment, developing your consciousness might be easier than you realize.

A Powerful Voice of Higher Consciousness for Today’s World

Hi, I’m Daphne… Human Potential Expert, Channel, Healer & Guide













For more than 25 years, I’ve guided thousands of people to reap the benefits that come from living life through an energetic paradigm.

My formal education in the behavioral sciences and my personal development in spirituality and the mystical aspects of quantum physics – along with a rewarding decades long career as a licensed psychotherapist and executive consultant, and highly endorsed bestselling author featured on the Forbes Coaches Council – has allowed me the confidence and privilege of guiding others to experience profound transformations…

Marriages rejuvenated. Health restored. Careers accelerated. Finances rebuilt. Lifestyles upgraded. No matter their goals, embracing an energetic paradigm has allowed my clients to develop almost superhuman abilities to exceed them, and gain tremendous life mastery!

My results have been so profound and undeniable that clients travelled across the country on a monthly basis to take part in my state licensed institute near Seattle.

Now, I’m extending a personal invitation and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to you to join us and benefit from the same deep community mentoring, tutoring, classes, seminars and workshops, either in-person or from the comfort of your own home.

You too can Stop Accepting Less From Life Than You Deserve, and Claim Your New Place in the Universe

Experience a transformation unlike anything else you’ve tried before. Join Stewards of a Higher Bandwidth™ to tap into your human potential and energetic development. Through personalized guidance, you can reinvent yourself, grow, and live your purpose. Say goodbye to temporary fixes and hello to lasting results with Daphne’s unique approach. Explore the true essence of living a naturally elevated and exhilarating life!

Discover the power of transformative teachings that can change your life.

Embrace the present era as a catalyst for heightened consciousness and engage in energetic development for personal growth. Don’t get left behind in this fast-changing world – evolve your consciousness now.

The key to unlocking your consciousness lies in bridging the gap between who you are internally and who you are destined to be externally. Learn simple daily practices to redefine yourself from an elevated perspective. Say goodbye to stagnant routines and embrace a higher state of mind for prosperity, happiness, and creative flow.

By embracing regular expansive experiences, you can take control of your life and achieve tangible results. Daphne’s work highlights the potential within you, making it effective for everyone regardless of age, gender, or past experiences. Begin creating the life you truly desire today!

With a Proven Roadmap to an Elevated Life and Community, You’ll be Empowered to Shape Your Own Destiny...

Because the truth is: the only person with the power to create a richer, more fulfilling life for you… is you!

This is an entirely different approach to life and way of thinking. All it requires for success is an open mind and heart as you embark on a journey of self-discovery, and discover how to master this elevated state of mind.

Plus, with the practical guidance and caring accountability of a coach and mentor – and the SHB community around you, you can experience success that reaches into every facet of your being. You can embark on a journey to constantly grow and transform without limitations. You can embody your full potential, and design the life you want around you every single day… 

Unlock a life of endless creativity, abundance, and fulfillment. Embrace your transformation journey today.


Stewards of a Higher Bandwidth™

A Sophisticated and Hip Community for Ultra-Conscious Living and Learning

It’s time to break free from the notions holding you back from a life of prosperity, happiness and creative flow. Join Daphne Michaels, a powerful voice of higher consciousness for today’s world, for powerful training, coaching & support as you redefine your life from an elevated perspective. 

Whether you choose to focus on achieving greater fun and abundance, more meaningful purpose, better health, stronger relationships or something else entirely, you can embark on a transformational process to achieve your goals and ignite profound success in your life. 

Imagine a Life Without Limits... With the Insight, Mentorship, and Resources You’ll Receive, You Can Experience This Reality and More

Each month, you’ll gain profound insight into Energy and Vibration, and learn how to develop them to radically change how you think, feel and respond to situations around you. Not only will this transform your inner experience and self, but empower you to become more capable than ever of creating the life you truly desire. 

Gain an Unshakeable Sense of Security…
Build a deep, internal security as you learn to be seated in your body, comfortable in your skin, and at-home within yourself. You can activate tremendous positive changes in your external world as you gain unshakeable security within.

Ignite Unlimited Creativity… 
Cultivate and embody creativity in your life – beyond simply being an artist, singer, dancer or actor. Embrace a life of vitality as you’re able to solve problems faster, and feel remarkably free to pursue your mission, passion and goals. Become the star of your own show, and choose to shine in all the ways that bring greater fulfillment to your life. 

Develop a Tangible Sense of Personal Empowerment… 
Increase your mental, emotional, spiritual and dreaming strength (your ability to dream your future into being) as you develop your human potential. As you grow and become more empowered, everything about your life will change! Say goodbye to your position as a helpless victim to your circumstances, and take command of your life and future. 

Build a Heart Centered Life… 
Repel ego’s attempts to promote critical self-talk and make you blind to your life’s beauty, and instead, ignite a sense of hope and purpose in your future. Learn to experience a pure love for life and a fresh sense of inspiration each day. Teach your heart center to evolve from a broken and outdated defense system, into a finely tuned instrument capable of experiencing the best of life’s journey. 

Master a Stronger Willpower… 
Break free from a battle with poor habits, lack of discipline, and difficulty maintaining structure in your life. As you begin to align your will with your expanded self, you can experience an almost superhuman life with impeccable strength and willpower over your choices. Through patience, persistence and an ongoing process, your willpower can be the source of profound success in your life! 

Reach Profound Personal Clarity… 
Discover a neutral place to rest your thoughts, and observe your life from a non-reactive center so that you may experience true clarity. Learn to discipline your mind so that it works for you, rather than against you, and experience alignment so you’re not living from a place of internal conflict. You’ll feel clear about who you are, and where you’re going, so you know how to confidently move forward toward your goals.

Experience an Elevated Way of Thinking… 
Learn to think at a higher level, more creatively, more intuitively, and more attuned to the universe. You’ll discover how to invite epiphanies and revelations that can help free you from ego’s grasp! As you develop and activate this way of thinking, you’ll be free to joyously use your mind for the betterment of your life and world. 

Take Command of Your Life… 
Embrace a sense of co-creation with the universe, as you become the author of your own story. Learn to partner with universal intelligence to create a magical life, full of synchronicities and epiphanies. You’ll feel both guided within, and surrendered to the life you’ve always wanted.

“Daphne changed my life completely, for the better…

“Before learning from Daphne, I lacked clarity & had a lot of negative energy which affected my daily life. I had no idea how to make my life different… Her teachings give me powerful new perspectives and provide the necessary insights and tools for me to create a sustainable self and path forward. I wholeheartedly recommend Daphne and her work.”

– Prash Saha

The Tools and Insight You’ll Receive Have the Power to Create Lasting Success in Every Aspect of Your Life…

Find a greater purpose in your career, and level-up with new opportunities

Reignite love and passion in your romantic relationships

Build stronger bonds with your friends, family, children and loved ones

Experience deep healing of your body, mind and spirit from past trauma

Make better decisions as a leader in your business or organization

Cultivate a healthy work/life balance for a more enriched life

Regain a sense of passion, creativity and inspiration each day

Manifest a happier lifestyle with financial prosperity and success

Enjoy a greater and more pure connection with life and your energy

Discover a clear map to experience your life’s highest potential

Move beyond self-doubt and build a stronger sense of confidence

Elevate your consciousness to expand your human potential

Let’s Take a Closer Look at What You’ll Have Access to Inside Stewards of a Higher Bandwidth™:

Monthly In-depth Gatherings
Embark on an ongoing process as you explore new dimensions of your vibrations and energies. Join a live, 120 minute community gathering each month and discover the secrets, tools and practices you need to break through to life on a higher bandwidth. Experience clear, relevant and modern step-by-step guidance on how to embody your expanded self and live a life of ever-increasing fulfillment, purpose and prosperity. 

Real-Time & Personalized LIVE Group Coaching
Accelerate your journey with specific answers to the questions holding you back during the monthly gatherings. Learn alongside other Stewards, and tap into the powerful wisdom, love and experience of like-minded people on the same path.  This personalized guidance will help you develop your daily practice, and move forward with clarity. 

Unlimited Access to SHBconnect
Gain access to five centers, filled with focused, in-depth invitations, events and activities to help you master key areas of your personal transformation. With live sessions, replay links, daily resources and transformational tools, you can grow and evolve each day. 

Exclusive SHB Manual 
As a guidebook to your success, this manual creates space for you to take notes, organize your learning, and personalize your program. Custom created diagrams will amplify your understanding of new concepts, and the journal component will help empower you as you record your journey to profound success.

Make Your Greatest Progress Inside a Like-Minded, Supportive and Dedicated Community

It is no coincidence that we all have a natural hunger to be with like-minded people as we develop our human potential, and create a life that reflects the deepest desires of our soul. We know at our deepest level that it is within the power of a high-bandwidth community that we can make our greatest progress. 

When you join Stewards of a Higher Bandwidth™, you’ll gain instant access to The SHB Movement community where you can tap into the support of other like-minded souls on the same journey as you. You will be able to develop personal relationships because you will have direct access to every Steward. By connecting directly and energetically — with others in the movement — you’ll experience new motivation, inspiration and dedication to become who you are meant to be!

Invest in Your Ultra-consciousness… 

Explore our membership options below to decide which level is right for you:


  • Monthly LIVE online seminars, facilitated by world-class human potential expert Daphne Michaels
  • Profound Learning Hub  with life-changing seminars and powerful resources
  • Live group coaching and Q&A included with each seminar
  • Receive your exclusive Profound Success Manual to track and expand your learning
  • Join the Think Higher Community of like-minded people


  • Monthly LIVE online seminars, facilitated by world-class human potential expert Daphne Michaels
  • Profound Learning Hub  with life-changing seminars and powerful resources
  • Live group coaching and Q&A included with each seminar
  • Receive your exclusive Profound Success Manual to track and expand your learning
  • Join the Think Higher Community of like-minded people
  • Exclusive access to the Profound Success GOLD Hub with expanded lessons and insight
  • 4 elegantly crafted lessons each month to amplify the embodiment of your Expanded Self
  • Opportunity to Apply to Attend Exclusive In-Person Events


  • Upon Appoval of Your Application and Your Completed Enrollment you will receive everything listed in the EVOLVE membership including all Bonuses below, and...
  • Profound Learning Hub  with life-changing seminars and powerful resources
  • Live group coaching and Q&A included with each seminar
  • Receive your exclusive Profound Success Manual to track and expand your learning
  • Join the Think Higher Community of like-minded people
  • Exclusive access to the Profound Success GOLD Hub with expanded lessons and insight
  • 4 elegantly crafted lessons each month to amplify the embodiment of your Expanded Self

When you Join EVOLVE Today, You’ll Also Receive These Valuable, Limited-Time Only Bonuses:

30x Tranformational Videos from the Enegetic Awareness Collection (Valued at $3,500)

Accelerate your understanding and tap into profound wisdom and insight inside these seminars: 

  1. How to Let go of Your Past
  2. The Energetics of Non-Attachment
  3. Profound Success: A Journey of Becoming
  4. How to Stop Personal Energy Leaks
  5. Body-Mapping: Create Amazing Opportunities
  6. How to Turn on a Dime

Special Live Online ‘Springboard to Ultra-Consciousness Session’
(Valued at $2,000)

Elevating your consciousness can begin today with this powerful video training. Discover the 5-step Profound Presence Method – a daily, ongoing practice to help you live with an alert relaxation that puts you in the realm of mastery. Learn to embody the life you were destined for and let your presence shine

Exclusive ‘Timeless Wisdom’ video featuring Ram Dass and Daphne along with an ‘Elevate’ video featuring an original instrumental soundtrack and powerful nature images to recalibrate your energy in moments! (invaluable)

Receive a FREE copy of Daphne Michael’s Amazon #1 best-selling book, and discover a 21st century model for success. You’ll receive insights on how to reach your mountaintop in your personal life and career, and uncover the tools you need to avoid common dead-ends that can hold you back from success.

Our Guarantee

The insight, tools, and mentorship you’ll receive inside this powerful Mastermind has the power to transform every aspect of your life, beyond what your wildest imagination deems possible! It’s important to us that you have the opportunity to embrace this shift in your life with zero risk. 

That’s why we’ll never lock you into a contract, or charge you cancellation fees. The results speak for themselves over time as you progress inside your membership. So in the unlikely event that you don’t wish to continue your journey of ongoing growth, simply get in touch with our team and you won’t be charged another cent.

*Risk free. Cancel anytime.

Thousands of Lives Have Been Transformed Through This Life-Changing Work

I have worked with Daphne extensively in regards to my human potential personally and professionally.

I am light years ahead of where I would have been without this work. It has been an exciting, fun, impactful journey!

–Shannon Harder Ronald

Daphne has been immensely helpful in my journey of discovery of my deeper self and my place in the world. I will be forever grateful for the way her skills and gifts have benefited me. Thank you Daphne!

–Robert Spradlin

Daphne is exceptional! She has helped me transform my life in ways I never could’ve imagined. She continues to help me transform my life and assists me in reaching goals I never thought possible. You will not be disappointed working with Daphne.

–Abby Farr

Daphne is a master human potential trainer!! Through my work with Daphne I have achieved results I previously would not have imagined. Her unique approach sets her apart from the rest.

–Stephanie Leisle

In working with Daphne, I have unleashed potential I didn’t know I had. I am more in control of my life and work and feel more fulfilled personally and professionally.

–Dr. Lucia Leone

Nothing Can Disqualify You From Experiencing the Full, Happy, Successful Life You’ve Been Dreaming Of

Not your age, your experiences, your walk of life or anything else. As long as you have a curious mind and an open heart, the Profound Success Mastermind was created for you. A truth-seeker, committed to growing, evolving, and developing into the best version of yourself. 

No matter your place of influence — from the boardroom, to the classroom, to your home, or somewhere in between — it is profoundly possible to reach your true potential inside this Mastermind.

The Profound Success Mastermind is Right for You If…

  1. You want to become completely secure, confident, and assured in yourself
  2. You want to access and ignite your creativity at any time
  3. You want to feel more empowered and motivated than ever before
  4. You want to develop your heart and feel more purpose 
  5. You want to build your choice muscle to take command of your life 
  6. You want to find unshakeable clarity even in the midst of uncertainty
  7. You want to elevate your thinking to become more attuned to the universe

True Transformation Comes From a Bold Decision You Make Today

At this point, you have two options…

Option #1:

You can continue on the same path you’re on, with a life that leaves you feeling unfulfilled and unsatisfied. A life that forces you to rely on your own limited strength and energy to combat the challenges you face. You can choose to accept less than you deserve, and take whatever life throws at you… but never truly have the tools you need to create your dream life. 


Option #2:

You can make the bold, brave decision today to join the Profound Success Mastermind, and take command of your life in ways you’ve only dreamed of. You can achieve real, tangible, and measurable results in creating the life you’re ready to live, and break free from the limitations holding you back from a life of prosperity, happiness and creative flow!

By naturally focusing on what matters to you, you can access a proven pathway and the simple daily practices you need to make success a natural, organic part of your life. Plus, you can access the support of a community of like-minded people who are on the same journey as you. 

The choice is yours…

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve never been part of a “mastermind” group before — what exactly does it involve?

Great question! Through my mastermind group framework you will be part of building the natural synergy that comes from the power of community. And you will receive the benefits of the wisdom and support that emerge from your connection to like-minded individuals.

As your facilitator, I will be inviting spontaneity, creative thinking, and full engagement. The intelligence in the room (physical or virtual) will be utilized as a valuable added resource. Together, we will bring forward the wisdom of the group for the benefit of everyone.

While some mastermind formats can be intimidating, this one is not. All of my training is “safe”, meaning you’ll never be “put on the spot” or pushed to engage more than you’d like.

You can be an active listener and still learn the life-changing secrets to realizing greater potential that you won’t find anywhere else!

What role does the Profound Learning Hub play as a part of the program?

It’s an essential part of the program, and it adds incredible value to your membership. When I decided to offer monthly LIVE Online Seminars, I was elated because I knew my transformational insights could help more people!

But something told me not to stop there. I realized how incredible it would be for people to have a place to go 24/7 to get re-energized and re-focused on their path ahead.

Let’s face it: The world has a tendency to get in the way of our best intentions.

It took me two solid years to design and deploy your personal Profound Learning Hub. And in that time it’s taken on a life of its own!

At first, it was simply a way you could rewatch the LIVE seminars. But it has evolved into a spectacular destination where you can always find further direction on every aspect of the Profound Success Training.

Best of all, I’m including the HUB in your membership without charging more than I’d originally planned for the monthly seminars!

So, when you enroll in the Profound Success Mastermind Program today, you’re essentially getting your program HUB — and everything in it — for free!

What are some specific topics you’ll cover in the live monthly seminars?
As part of the mastermind, you’ll have an opportunity to shape our agenda. Each topic focuses on an important aspect of the Energetics-of-Success and the development of your 8 Success Cores.

You will receive powerful, insider secrets about how to break free from your Limited Self, cross the Bridge of Choice and Embody your Expanded Self.

Here are some of the Seminars you receive as a bonus for enrolling today:

  1. The Energetics of Non-Attachment
  2. Body-Mapping
  3. How to Release Your Past
  4. How to Stop Personal Energy Leaks.

Each of these and future Seminars are designed to immediately support you in taking command of your life. Remember, your decision to cross the Bridge of Choice is life-changing. It takes you to unlimited potential to create a struggle-free life of fulfillment, prosperity and ease.

Speaking of costs … will I ever have to pay more?

Can I promise you I’ll never have to charge more? No. That may be disappointing, but honesty and trust is an essential ingredient in self-transformation, so I’m being perfectly honest with you. But the good news is, when you enroll at today’s steeply discounted rate, you will lock it in for a minimum of 12-months.

When it comes to the development of human potential, a year is a long time to attain a tremendous amount of personal transformation! And I can also assure you I am not planning to significantly increase your rate on the 13th month of your membership. I am going to offer exceptional quality human potential training without breaking anyone’s budget.

Will we work together one-on-one in this program?

During each LIVE monthly seminar, you’ll get chances to ask me questions through the Q&A feature on your device.

You won’t have to worry that you’ll leave the seminar unclear about anything we’ve covered because I can respond to you in real time.

The live questions and answers increase the seminars’ value, because I guarantee some of your fellow participants will have the same questions you have … and they’ll ask questions and get answers you’ll find beneficial, too!

If the session ends without an opportunity to answer each and every question I will personally respond to you via email with an answer to your question before the next LIVE Seminar.

What does it mean when you talk about the “Energetics of Success”? This seems a little out there for me…

You know what? I totally understand! Even though practices like meditation, mindfulness and even energy work are more common now than ever, the concept of your “vibe” making a huge difference in your life can still sound “out there” to some people.

But don’t worry, it won’t take long for you to see how an awareness of “energy flow” has changed so many people’s lives for the better. When I talk about “Energetics-of-Success” I’m using words that best capture the profound truth: changing your life’s direction and realizing your innate potential is more than a matter of being connected to a greater power. It’s about knowing the right things, and doing the right things.

Yes, knowledge and action are vital components, but this journey is more than just “willing yourself” into a different place. It’s also a journey of the human spirit where our mind, heart and body become one. This alignment of mind, heart and body allows us to experience and direct our energy in very powerful ways, and is our only access into the vast world of potential.

Now, I call that reality “energy flow.” You may call it something else. You might even use language familiar to you from a spiritual or religious tradition if you adhere to one. You might picture it using images from your own experience.

Ultimately, my interest isn’t getting you to talk like me. It’s helping you do whatever YOU need to do to break through any barriers, imposed by others or yourself, between you and your richest, most rewarding life. That’s what we work on in the Profound Success Mastermind Program. That’s why it’s such a powerful tool for your transformation!

Through my Energetics-of-Success model you will learn how to develop your 8 Success Cores and become more empowered than ever before to  break free from your limitations and create the life you desire.

You said you’ve written about the path to profound success in your books. Can’t I just read those and do what you’ve done?

I certainly hope you’ll read my books! But, at the risk of sounding blunt, those who only read my books will miss out on the professional facilitation I can offer when you work with me live.

It will really make a staggering difference to your success to be in a LIVE program.

For one thing, my books can’t give you the live application of my principles you’ll get in the monthly seminars I’ll be facilitating, or in your Profound Learning Hub.

They can’t help you if you find a certain point confusing or need a fuller explanation of some of the more advanced concepts I teach. And they can’t give you the sense of community you’ll get through the program that is so crucial to helping you stay on track!

People who’ve read my books before they hear me speak have told me they come away from my presentations with a much firmer grasp on what they need to do to move forward toward profound success.

One person even told me that in 30 years of attending motivational speeches, he’d never had so many ideas sparked as he did when he listened to me. I know you’ll get a lot out of reading my books. But you’ll get so much more when you read them as a member of the Profound Success Mastermind Program.

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