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Become the person you were destined to be. Through world-class programs and exclusive services, Daphne Michaels can help you harness the power of Human Potential and elevate your leadership and life. 

Guro for a spectacular life daphne michaels
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“[DAPHNE MICHAELS] offers a brilliant weave of the practical and spiritual, showing you how to embrace both…”

Marci Shimoff – #1 New York Times bestselling author

Guro for a spectacular life daphne michaels


Success and Passion…

You deserve a life of fulfillment, success and passion.
A life where there is no divide between who you are, and who you’ve always wanted to be.

You want to feel confident that you’re in the right place, and spending your valuable time and energy on the right things. You want to attract and live-in your own definition of profound success, and not just follow the motions of life as you’ve been told.

Is this the life you’ve been dreaming of? So why isn’t this your reality?


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Daphne Michaels…

Programs Creator, Human
Potential Expert And CEO Maker

I’ve spent over 25 years guiding thousands of people to their highest leadership potential through my practical and insight provoking work.

I’ve studied deeply in the fields of integral psychology and behavioral science, of which I hold a Master of Arts degree with an emphasis in leadinng and consulting. I also worked for decades as a licensed psychotherapist and continue to work as an executive consultant.

I wholeheartedly believe that leadership is more than a skill. It’s a personal art form, and one that can only be developed through expert training. 

I’m looking forward to partnering with you through your personal transformation in leadership and life. 

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Live, Virtual & Online Programs and Courses

Discover world-class training programs by Daphne Michaels to renew your leadership and life. 

LEADERSHIP Programs and human potential coaching

DAPHNE MICHAEL Private client services

Private Client Services

Refresh, restore and reinvent your life. These live, private, and immersive experiences will uncover your breakthrough potential and transform your life.


Profound Leader Training and Mentoring

Private, customized and group training & mentoring to help you or your leader’s embody a revolutionary approach to effective, intuitive, and charismatic leadership.

DAPHNE MICHAEL Exclusive Client Services

Exclusive Client Services

A highly exclusive, holistic private coaching program for individuals. This private, customized program is designed to fast-track a new birth of innovation, creativity and leadership in your life.

Discover Daphne Michaels' Groundbreaking Book

The Gifted: Free Your Inner Gifts For A Brand-New Life

We are all born with nine gifts. If we recognize and use them, we can transform our lives forever. This book will help you discover your own gifts, and harness them to become who you were meant to be.

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Jack Canfield

“If you’ve ever wondered how to get past your self-imposed limits, read The Gifted without delay! Daphne Michaels’ brilliant guidance is eloquent, timely and very powerful.”

- Jack Canfield, Coauthor of the #1 New York Times Bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul series and The Success Principles

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