How Empowered Are You?

Daphne Michaels — How Empowered Are You?

Empowerment is an important topic on a lot of people’s minds these days. And if you haven’t considered it for yourself, exploring this topic will change your life.

In this blog, I will be sharing what empowerment really is and how you can start living a more empowered life starting today.

Here’s the first thing you need to know:

Empowerment is a three-layered organization in your psyche. The first layer is the foundation to your empowerment, which needs to be very strong, because if you do not have a strong foundation inside yourself, your sense of empowerment won’t hold. It will buckle under stress and conflict.

 And it also won’t hold the higher layers of empowerment which will really give you the most important power in your life. What’s the first layer?

The first layer of empowerment in your psyche started developing when you were about two years old. This is when you started to develop your sense of empowerment. And this empowerment was based on “No!”


Empowerment is a three-layered organization in your psyche.”

The first layer of empowerment in our psyche starts with “No!” — but this two-year-old sense of empowerment needs to mature as we grow and develop. And if we don’t mature past this two-year-old sense of empowerment, it will be the only power we carry with us our entire life.

 Do you really want your only power in life to be expressed as indignation; injustice; anger?


When the foundation of your empowerment is based on “No!” — it will naturally sprout resentment; victimhood; distress — and your sense of empowerment will become toxic to you and others.

However, if you build a second layer onto your “cake of empowerment” you’ll give your “No!” a chance to mature. And, as your internal “No!” matures, it will become fierce clarity.

Fierce clarity is a fabulous base to your empowerment. And as you grow and mature even more, fierce clarity will become simply clarity.Clarity is pure, strong, and not toxic.

What is the second layer of empowerment that helps the first layer mature?

No surprise; it is love. The power of love emerges from the open-hearted connection you feel for humanity — our planet, and all of life. It is a universal emotion — encoded in our human spirit — that we all share. But how often do you carry love into your life?

Do you agree that creating a life empowered by love is the single greatest gift you can give to yourself and others?

As a second layer of your cake of empowerment, love will keep the foundation of your entire psyche healthy, non-toxic, and beautiful.

But there’s a problem with feeling both “no!” and your love at the same time. In terms of the organization of your psyche, they will cancel each other out. Either you’ll find yourself saying no, or you’ll experiencing love. Trying to feel both concurrently creates an inner conflict. True empowerment can never come from inner conflict. It has to come from inner clarity…

Have you experienced this conundrum in your life: when you say “No”, your heart closes and when you feel love, your heart opens.This cycle of opening up emotionally and then shutting down again creates inner toxicity.

And it will wear you out… wear you down… and, wear you away from yourself. What’s the answer? It’s in the third layer of the cake of empowerment: Ascension. When you rise to your higher self, you will discover how to experience “No” and Love at the same time. 



High Bandwidth Mantra

Your higher self will make room for both. Ascension gives you the potential for a magnetic, charismatic, and evolutionary influence in life. This is true empowerment.

Now, if you hold an intention to create a three-layered organization in your psyche, where your empowerment is pure and real and connected to your heart, you will experience greater personal power than you can ever imagine.

Here’s a high bandwidth mantra to help you: Clarity is my base power, Love is my ideal power, and Ascension is my ultimate power.


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