5 Ways to Master Negative Emotions

Emotional Storm

We’ve all been there. That tight feeling in your chest as anger bubbles to the surface. The racing heart and sweaty palms of fear. The sense of impending doom when sadness washes over you. Emotions can be overwhelming – not just because they’re intense, but also because they can feel like they’re taking control of us. 

But it doesn’t have to be this way. By learning to master emotional storms, we can keep our painful emotions from destroying our success in life.

Here are five ways to gain command over your emotions even in the most challenging situations:

Make Sure Your Emotions are Really Yours

Whenever you are feeling negative, ask yourself where those feelings are coming from. Are they truly yours or did you pick up negativity from someone or somewhere else?

Negative emotions can spread like wildfire.”

Learning to master them begins with knowing where they are coming from. If they aren’t yours its much easier to make a simple choice to let them go. This way you are not wasting valuable time and energy processing emotions that are not even yours!

Painful Emotions Must be Explored

Feelings like resentment and vengeance are terrible feelings that can linger for a long time. You may feel them in your heart or stomach, like something toxic has lodged itself inside you forever; and you fear what will happen if the feeling never goes away.

But the truth is that your negative emotions will naturally resolve when you have explored and processed them completely.

It is important to accept that your powerful and potentially destructive emotions are your natural alarm – trying to get your attention. They are there for a reason.
Every powerful emotion teaches us something important about life.

Explore your emotions through writing, talking with someone, being committed to your personal evolution and asking the universe for important insights about what you are feeling.

Ask Yourself What Needs to Change Internally

When negativity is taking over your peace of mind, ask yourself what needs to change in your inner landscape. Are you dwelling on bad news by spending too much time thinking about situations that are out of your control?

Have you had a draining day and all those feelings just need a positive outlet?

Might you have a health problem that needs addressing?

There are endless ways to change your inner world, such as spending more time alone or engaging more often in enjoyable activities. It’s amazing how, when we ask the right question, answers begin to emerge.

Ask Yourself What Needs to Change Externally

Perhaps your intense negative emotions are burning inside you because of outside factors that are affecting your stress and frustration levels. If this is the case, then resolving external situations must happen for your emotions to serve you.

Often times, people will procrastinate when it comes to resolving negative circumstances in their life. But putting off the inevitable won’t make it go away. And a lot of damage can happen in the meantime.

If you are not sure how to resolve negativity in your life, then reach out to someone to help you. Or, get answers directly from your personal path and see how answers may come directly to you from the universe.

And, it’s not surprising that when you are on your path, many situations will clear up on their own.

Develop Positive Emotions

Do you know that you can intentionally grow positive emotions? A great way to do this is to spend time doing what you love. Your brain will reward you with feelings of awe, delight or wonder.

Awe gives us the beautiful and comforting sense that we are small in relation to something bigger than ourselves;

Delight makes everything seem more precious because it reminds us to pay attention to the beauty in life — even brief moments of joy will leave their mark inside our hearts forever.

Wonder helps us see life’s little miracles as perfectly insulated worlds separate from ours where incredible things happen — and reminds us that we can live there too!

Emotions are a powerful force in our lives.

They can drive us to do great things or hold us back from achieving our dreams.

Mastering your emotions is possible if you are willing to learn and make a commitment to take command of these powerful forces.
Growing positive emotions will help you build a reservoir of greater beauty in your life.

If you’re ready to begin this journey, I sincerely applaud you. And if you need help along the way, don’t hesitate to reach out. My programs and services are geared toward supporting you as you work towards mastering your emotions.

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