3 Secrets to Becoming a Visionary

becoming a visionary

The gift of seeing into the future is universal, but few people ever develop it. If you’ve ever been told that your thoughts are too vague or imaginative – then there’s no wonder why so few people use their natural born visionary ability!

The truth is that your mind can never be too imaginative! Our minds are hard-wired to imagine anything and everything. Vague thoughts, on the other hand need some TLC for their greatness to come through.

When you can recognize that fuzzy, vague thoughts are just glimpses of what could be extraordinary strings of potential that with a little know-how can manifest into an exciting new future, then you’ve taken the first step to becoming the visionary you are meant to be.

Using visions to make meaningful, real life decisions can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. But the journey is not always easy.” 

I’ve found that there are three secrets which can help remind you of the mysterious process you’re inviting in to literally change your life.

  1. The Energy of Your Visions Must Gain Velocity

The reality of life is much bigger than we can see with our physical eyes. Our thoughts are not only real, they have the power to change our reality. Every day we wake up and create our lives from what we know about yesterday as well as expect tomorrow will be like today. The key is in understanding that our deepest and most potent visions exist in the form of energy and this energy must gain velocity in order for these potent visions to be birthed into the here and now.

The real challenge is knowing how to sense, welcome and cultivate these visionary energies so that they gain momentum in our lives-well…with full charge! Why would you want a vision without any inspiration? It’s worse than having no dreams at all because visions bring us alive while flat pancake plans only leave one feeling uninspired and unmotivated.

You’re capable of staying inspired and motivated, if you know how! To expand the energy in your visions and dreams, give yourself permission to unleash all that’s inside. Allow daydreaming or nighttime dreaming without any limits — it may just lead into something great for both present goals as well as future success.

  1. Most Visions Come in Small Glimpses at First

Many people find that their visions come in fragments. If this sounds familiar, you may not have any clear image of what it will look like or how things will work out but you can use all five senses. Have you ever had a glimpse of your future while listening to special music, at an art museum or on the beach after swimming in ocean?

If you’ve had moments like these when your senses were heightened and a visionary glimpse came through, don’t let it go! While most people brush these glimpses off as unimportant, they hold keys to future you! But in order for your visions and insights to birth into reality you must allow yourself a little obsession-driven focus. The type of concentration that will bring energy and inspiration rather than weaken your life force. This will coax your visions into showing up in greater detail.

  1. Unfolding Your Visions Requires Deep and Creative Strategy

It’s no secret that visions are the key to your future! But in order unlock this potential and make it real, you need something more – deep and creative strategy to unfold them. While regular strategizing is something we use daily as we search for solutions in our life, deep and creative strategy is different. It is a human potential that runs DEEPER than thought!

This type of strategy requires that our minds, hearts and spirits communicate deep wisdom through our bodies. If you’ve ever had an intuition or a gut sense about something — or goosebumps when hearing a deeper truth — or tears when witnesses awe-inspiring beauty, then you recognize the felt experience I am referring to.

An ability to access deep and creative strategy is already encoded in our human potential. At some level we already know that if we want to bring new visions into reality we need to pay close attention to the impulses coming through our bodies. And we also know that as these impulses come through our bodies, we will be changed in the process. A vast expanse of potential will become available to us.

In fact, we were born to create our lives from this depth, and experience the profound satisfaction it brings to do so. Every incredible accomplishment we have experience or known —  big and small —  came through our bodies and the bodies of others in this exact way. In fact, it is not only natural, but necessary to develop our visionary potential if we want to live fulfilling and successful lives.

Let me ask you this. Are you waiting for your life to happen?

Whereas a blank slate will never give you the drive or creativity needed for success in life, visionary glimpses await those who dare to explore their inner landscape with precision & artistry!

You have the power in yourself, and all around you is a world full of possibility.

All you need is to give yourself permission to be a visionary and learn how to unfold your visions through deep and creative strategy that reflects the deepest desires of your soul.

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