The Personal Transformation Catalyst


A PERSONAL experience…

The Personal Transformation Catalyst

Go beyond everything you know about personal growth and step into a new world of catalyzed transformation.

Embrace universal principles that guide profound leaps in your ability to command your life. 

Through step by step processes, receive the wisdom you need to tap into the energy of your desired future and pull it toward you.

Finally, you can begin creating a life greater than you’ve ever imagined.

DM STORE The Personal Transformation Catalyst

Daphne Michaels’ wisdom is invaluable. She is a master of human potential and a guide for each of us to realize our own potential beyond what we can imagine.

Dr. Laura Hershkowitz​

In working with Daphne, I have unleashed potential I didn’t know I had. I am more in control of my life and work and feel more fulfilled personally and professionally.

Dr. Lucia Leone​

Daphne’s work and program will absolutely take you to the next level and beyond. Her offerings are unique, powerful and aligned. I give you my highest support – enjoy!​

Claire Plourde​

The Personal Transformation Catalyst
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An Empowered New You is Within Reach!

You want to live with a greater sense of purpose and passion. Perhaps you’ve heard about accelerated pathways that promise to transform your personal limitations… and you’ve even tried many of them, but without success.

And while you still secretly hope that the magic of life can be yours, you cannot shake a sense of hopelessness when it comes to making it reality. 

You feel called and compelled to keep searching, because something inside you is trying to break free and make itself known. You’ve invested time and energy into finding answers and you don’t want to stop searching…  But why does it feel as if there’s something about real transformation that you’ve somehow missed?

Are You Struggling to Make Your Life Work for You?

You have the desire to get the most our of life. And you’re afraid that you’ll never find out what you are truly capable of creating because your greatest potential remains a mystery to you. You know there’s more to discover, but you feel like you’re going around in circles…or not going anywhere at all.

Have you found yourself facing any of these challenges when it comes to moving your life forward?

  • Are you motivated and ready to take your next step in life? 
    But you don’t know what that means or how to make it happen for yourself…
  • Have you witnessed other people making significant strides? But you don’t know what they did to get there… 
  • You feel as though you’re in the wrong place in your personal or professional life. But you’re unclear about how to change it…
  • Does each day roll into the next without a real sense of passion? But you feel overwhelmed when you start to make a change…
  • Do you want to feel more confident in yourself? But you’re unsure about how to make this happen…
  • Do you wish you had someone to guide you so that you wouldn’t feel lost? But you don’t know where to find that person…

If you’ve answered “YES” to any of the above, or you simply have a burning desire to make your life everything it can be, then this is the perfect transformational program for you. 

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DM STORE The Personal Transformation Catalyst

The Personal Transformation Catalyst

Personal Transformation is both mysterious and predictable. It is never guaranteed, but that is a blessing. If it were, we’d be tempted to take a shortcut and never truly evolve!

While there’s never an easy way to make personal changes, there are ways to ignite a process that moves you in the right direction. 

Discover the expert facilitation, life-changing tools, methods and guided self-awareness you need inside this program designed to show you how to create a life that lights you up! 

Receive the Tools, Wisdom & Support You Need to Catalyze Your Energy and Make an Evolutionary Leap in Your Life

Mastering personal evolution is the highest achievement of human potential work. It starts with breaking free from old ways of being and making room for greater inspiration, sense of purpose, empowerment and profound connectedness with life. 

While this might sound simple enough, it is actually remarkably difficult to locate the depth of being where new pathways must be inspired to emerge. Not only is inner territory unfamiliar to most people, it is nearly impossible to escape the limited beliefs that will keep you trapped.

Getting beyond limitations requires mastery – which is both simple and profound. The Personal Transformation Catalyst goes beyond traditional ways of addressing this challenge and introduces a new paradigm – based on profound sensing and following universal principles. 

Discover how increasing your awareness and fully embracing your personal transformation holds astonishing breakthrough potential for you!

Let’s Take a Closer Look at What You’ll Learn Inside

Immerse yourself in the power of transformational teachings…

The Personal Transformation Catalyst

Focus 1: Welcome

This personalized, 1-1 live online program with Daphne Michaels will start with your Beginning Blueprint and reveal exact leverage points to focus on that will increase your transformational results.

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Focus 2: Transformation Mistakes

Most transformations don't work because people make common mistakes from the beginning. In Focus 2 you will learn what these mistakes are and how to escape them by leaning toward the exact thoughts and actions that will support your transformation.

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Focus 3: Who Are You Becoming?

Diving deep into discovering what potentials are emerging inside you at this very moment ushers in a sense of awe for any transformational journey. In Focus 3 you will search your past, present and future to locate your unique transformational power.

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Focus 4: The Art of Tapping the Energy of Your Future

The energy of your future holds a compelling vibration and signature that's easy to overlook if you're not aware of it. In Focus 4 you will learn techniques to increase the power of your visions so that they may fully emerge into your consciousness.

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Focus 5: Embody the New You

Embodiment is beyond mindfulness. It is the quantum leap you need to become a force of nature in your world. This session will guide you to fully emerge from your past and embrace new potentials that are already available in your present life.

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Focus 6: Learn Evolve Become - Forever

Personal transformation is a dynamic process that -- once it begins - doesn't stop. In this session you will learn what it means to be on a "forever journey" and how to leverage opportunities to evolve each day.

Daphne is extremely gifted at illustrating concepts and walking the class through to understanding. It’s a pleasure to her student

Maura McGurk

To embark on a new world – effectively and powerfully – new teachings are required. Daphne has developed the new technologies and effectivenes of an expert guide. Dive in!

Denise Kelly

Daphne is the real deal.  Expectations of her work are high and after 6 years of engaging in her programs, expectations are exceeded every time. Every time. You’ll be well served in this program.

Diane Lachel

This Program is Specially Designed to Catalyze Your Personal Transformation

Embrace Your Expanded Self

Let Go of Limitations

Embody Your Greatest Visions

Learn from Your Mistakes

Tap Into Your Future

Say “Yes” to Your Dreams

Energetic Tools

Increase Your Vitality

Open Your Heart

Recalibrate Your Life

Accelerate Your Learning & Success With Invaluable Resources and Support

Here’s what you’ll have access to inside:

  • Program Learning Hub to keep your transformational experience organized throughout your program. Here you will find your beginning blueprint and all your program materials
  • 6x Hours of transformational focuses personally facilitated by Daphne in real time, providing deep knowledge and experiential processes to inspire and guide your transformation
  • Expertly designed program materials for an immersive, simple-to-navigate learning experience
  • Relevant diagrams, guides and resources for visual reference of your inner world and transformation



Receive a World-Class Transformational Program from Human Potential Expert...

Daphne …

I’ve spent over 25 years guiding thousands of people to their highest potential through my life-altering energetic framework, tools and practices.

I’ve dedicated my life to understanding the heights and depths of the human psyche through the study of integral psychology and behavioral science.

I also worked for decades as a licensed psychotherapist and continue to work as a master trainer and executive consultant…

Through my own personal unfolding of my own potential, and the deep work I’ve done with countless individuals, I’ve developed this transformational, Personal Transformation Catalyst program.

I am so excited to share these six program focusses with you – guiding you every step of the way to embrace your transformational potential!

Ready to Catalyze Your Potential and Life?

Take the next steps to embrace your transformational potential and discover an empowered new you! Get the tools and support you need through this powerful program!

Thank you for your interest in my Exclusive Programs and Coaching Services. Please fill out this form and I will contact you shortly. - Daphne