Profound Presence Blueprint


A PERSONAL Experience…

The Profound Presence Blueprint

Cultivate your inner resources of awareness, will, elevated thinking, creativity and resilience as you learn to direct and redirect personal energy flow on command.

Instantly shift your perceptions by dialing-in a higher vibration, bandwidth and state of being.

Develop a pristine lens through which to resolve life’s challenges and embrace life’s opportunities.

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Daphne Michaels’ wisdom is invaluable. She is a master of human potential and a guide for each of us to realize our own potential beyond what we can imagine.

Dr. Laura Hershkowitz​

In working with Daphne, I have unleashed potential I didn’t know I had. I am more in control of my life and work and feel more fulfilled personally and professionally.

Dr. Lucia Leone​

Daphne’s work and program will absolutely take you to the next level and beyond. Her offerings are unique, powerful and aligned. I give you my highest support – enjoy!​

Claire Plourde​

The Profound Presence Blueprint
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Your Presence Holds the Key to Your Greatest Potential

The exact way you carry your energy in life matters more than you might imagine. The quality of your presence makes the difference between being seen and respected for the unique gifts you embody, or being completely overlooked as though you’re invisible – not just physically, but on all levels.

You’ve intuitively known this unsettling truth, and have felt discouraged, concerned and even hopeless about your inability to create a higher quality of relationships, work and life, but haven’t known there is a simple solution called Profound Presence.

Developing Profound Presence can have immediate results in how you are perceived by others, but even more importantly. the technology has the power to recalibrate your life on every level. 

Are You Craving a Richer, More Exhilarating Life?

You have a glimpse of who you really are in your finest moments – full of life and glowing with a connectedness to all that is. These coveted times seem like a gift that you cannot fully comprehend. You don’t know how to tap into this magical and sacred dimension of life on your own. It’s mysterious to you, but you long to experience these special moments in life more of the time. 

Have you found yourself facing any of these
challenges when it comes to creating your life?

  • Do you have passion, ambition and a belief in yourself? 
    But you’re struggling to claim a place in your personal and professional life that feels right and offers you what you deserve…
  • Have you watched other people achieve and exceed their goals? But you’re feeling
    left-behind and stagnant in your ability to reach yours…
  • Do you struggle with painful emotional undercurrents such as insecurities, frustrations and disappointments? But you don’t know how to resolve them…
  • Do you secretly dream of being rescued from your current circumstances? But you know this is unlikely to happen…
  • Do you sometimes behave in unpleasant and destructive ways? But you’re unsure how to stop sabotaging yourself…
  • Do you wish you had someone to guide you to a more enlightened and satisfying life? But you lack strong mentors who can offer powerful guidance… 

If you’ve answered “YES” to any of the above, or you simply have a burning desire to develop your Profound Presence, this is the perfect program for you!

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Daphne Michaels, Human Potential Expert, Coach and Mentor

The Profound Presence Blueprint

Your presence does not need to be a reflection of your education, work, status, where you went to school or how you were raised. Your presence alone can take you beyond or help you leverage any experience in life. 

You may not know how crucial your presence is to your quality of life. And even if you do know this, you may not have been given the energetic secrets to the type of presence you need to dramatically shift the trajectory of your life.

Profound Presence holds harnessable, usually and powerful creativity and a special type of intelligence – the kind you can embrace to shift your life experiencde in immediate and awe-inspiring ways.

Receive Clear and To-the-Point Wisdom and Energetic Technology to Radically Change Your Life

The truth is, developing Profound Presence is the only thing powerful enough to create the radical shift you need to influence the trajectory of your life. Your presence is your vehicle – pure and simple. It carries your spirit, your potential, your deepest desires, and your highest intelligence. It allows you to connect with others, offer personal value and influence the events that shape your life… and the world.

And it goes beyond this – your presence is your lens. Through its development (or lack thereof) your presence will result in perceptions of life as either full of promise or void of potential. The quality of your presence can inspire hope for yourself and others – or trap your entire world in a despairing illusion.  

The Profound Presence Blueprint offers a powerful solution to the “just out of reach” problem with traditional personal development. It goes well beyond just talking about the qualities of profound presence that a handful of the most influential people ever to have lived seemed to  naturally embody, to show you with comprehensive diagrams, deep explanations and powerful guidance just how to cultivate your Profound Presence and begin shaping your new life from the moment you begin.  

Let’s Take a Closer Look at What You’ll Receive Inside

Immerse yourself in the power of transformational teachings…

The Profound Presence Blueprint

Focus 1: Welcome

This personalized, 1-1 live online program with Daphne Michaels will start with your Beginning Blueprint and reveal exact leverage points to focus on that will increase your transformational results.

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Focus 2: Your Personal Goals

This module offers a rare opportunity to identify the deepest desires of your soul. Through guided exercises designed to connect you to unlimited potential, you'll reclaim your ability to dream without reservation.

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Focus 3: Assess Yourself

Through a guided self-assessment you will discover what drives your transformational potential and how to protect it's potency, increase it's volocity and step into a new life.

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Focus 4: Profound Presence Diagrams

In Module 4 you will explore the powerful energetic technology of Profound Presence. Through using clear diagrams you'll be able to navigate through your own energetic territory, preparing to take command of your Profound Presence.

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Focus 5: Calibration Exercise

The Calibration Exercise offers a simple and extremely powerful method to shift your personal vibration, elevate your consciousness and organize a fresh perspective in just a few moments of time. In this Module you will learn this method and discover your personal vibrational field which is encoded with your highest potential.

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Focus 6: 5 Step Practice

The Profound Presence 5 Step Practice is a proven system to develop your Profound Presence and accelerate your personal evolution. In this Module you will learn the five step practice and how to track it's immediate impact on your inner and outer world.

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Focus 7: Guided Daily Practices

Module 7 provides several variations of the 5 Step Practice which you can use on a daily basis to develop your Profound Presence, organize yourself at a deep level and move confidently through your life.

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Focus 8: Workbook

The Profound Presence Workbook is offered as a valuable resource to help you to celebrate your increased personal radiance, identify challenging areas in your psyche and work toward developing greater Profound Presence as a life-long practice.

Daphne is extremely gifted at illustrating concepts and walking the class through to understanding. It’s a pleasure to her student

Maura McGurk

To embark on a new world – effectively and powerfully – new teachings are required. Daphne has developed the new technologies and effectivenes of an expert guide. Dive in!

Denise Kelly

Daphne is the real deal.  Expectations of her work are high and after 6 years of engaging in her programs, expectations are exceeded every time. Every time. You’ll be well served in this program.

Diane Lachel

This Program is Designed to Elevate Your Life through Your Embodiment of Profound Presence




Inside Out







Recalibrate Your Personal and
Professional Life With Invaluable
Resources and Support

Here’s what you’ll have access to inside:

  • Program Learning Hub to keep your transformational experience organized. Here you will find your beginning blueprint and all your program materials
  • Up to 11x Hours of transformational focuses personally facilitated by Daphne in real time, providing deep knowledge and experiential processes to connect you with astounding personal insight
  • Animated Video  demonstrating the Profound Presence energetic technology
  • Expertly designed program materials for an immersive, simple-to-navigate learning experience
  • Profound Presence 5 Step Practice
  • A Quick Guide that you can carry with you and use at any moment to recalibrate your energy
  • Guided Practices so that you can confidently embrace the energetic technology and develop your Profound Presence
  • Silent Practice so that you can strengthen your energetic skill on your own
  • Profound Presence Workbook so that you can see your progress over time and identify areas to focus
  • Relevant diagrams, guides and resources for life-long reference 

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Receive this World-Class Program from Human Potential Expert and Guru for a Spectacular Life...

Daphne …

I’ve spent over 25 years guiding thousands of people to their highest potential through my life-altering energetic framework, tools and practices.

I’ve dedicated my life to understanding the heights and depths of the human psyche through the study of integral psychology and behavioral science.

I also worked for decades as a licensed psychotherapist and continue to work as a master trainer and executive consultant…

Through my own personal unfolding of my spiritual life, and the deep work I’ve done with countless individuals, I’ve developed this transformational, How to Transmute Negativity program.

I am so excited to share these five powerful sessions with you – guiding you every step of the way – to your Spectacluar life!

Ready to Elevate Your Life through Profound Presence?

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