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Embark on an extraordinary journey of heightened self-awareness and recalibration. Read on to find out more about these live, private, and immersive experiences designed to uncover your greatest potential and catapult your life forward…

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Whether you have even the slightest glimmer of a vision or a big idea for impact and success, for those who want to contribute to the world at a time of unparalleled need and opportunity, Daphne’s body of work is now available to a global audience, and not a moment too soon.

DM Kelly & Co

I have worked with Daphne extensively in regards to my human potential personally and professionally. I am light years ahead of where I would have been without this work. It has been an exciting, fun, impactful journey!

Shannon Harder Ronald

Daphne is a master human potential trainer!! Through my work with Daphne I have achieved results I previously would not have imagined. Her unique approach sets her apart from the rest.

Stephanie Leisle

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You Need To…

And most of all, to embrace a new way of life that leads to lasting success & happiness!

Here’s How I Can Help You Achieve
A Tuned-up and Dialed-in Life…

All Private Client Experiences are hosted online (unless otherwise requested) and tailored to your specific goals, and
dreams. Book a Discovery Session today to determine which intensive is best for you.

- Daphne Michaels

The Refresh Intensive

Up to 8 full hours of Intensive Human Potential Facilitation

Recover an invigorating new vision for yourself and your path ahead with Refresh Breakthrough.

The difference between successful people and those who’s positive visions slip away, is that successful people reach out for help before it’s too late. If you’re feeling uncertain about your direction in life, this experience will help you get back on track.

Discover the highly-effective tools and processes (both energetic and practical) to unveil what is standing in your path. We’ll work closely together to identify the exact steps you can take immediately to start living the refreshed life you are capable of creating.

Recover an invigorating new vision for
yourself and your path ahead…

The Refresh Intensive Is Perfect For You If...

You’re unsure of who you are or where you’re going, and want to feel confident that you’re living the life you were destined for.

You want to uncover what exactly is holding you back from your personal evolution, so you can experience a new vision for your life.

You’re feeling stagnant, lost or unsure of how to move forward in life or work, and need a clear pathway toward your goals.

You’ve lost motivation and momentum in the key areas of your life and you need to feel refreshed and reinspired about your purpose.

Private Full-Day or Multi-Day Intensive, LIVE Online With Customized
Program Materials  

The Restore Intensive

16 Hours (Across 3 months) of Live Online Private Coaching & Support

Bring healing to your life and open new perspectives to move forward again with Restore Breakthrough.

Feel a release of the burden of life, and feel a restored sense of direction, purpose and fulfilment. Join me for 3 months of private guidance, coaching and support, tailored to the frequency and intensity you’re comfortable with.

Together, we’ll customize a program for you by identifying where you are, and the potential you have within to transform your life. Through powerful tools and techniques I’ve developed, you can activate the wisdom and higher-bandwidth energy you need to achieve your goals.

The personal, hands-on nature of this experience allows us to track, refine, and accelerate your progress each step of the way, so you can experience a restored life faster.

Bring healing to your life and open new
perspectives to move forward again…

The Restore Intensive Is Perfect For You If…

You feel broken down by work, love, or loss of physical vitality, and need deep healing to move forward.

You’re overwhelmed by responsibilities and people who are counting on you, and need to break free from the weight of others’ expectations.

Your personal commitment to your goals is so strong and you don’t want to let them go, but you need greater power to achieve them.

You want to immediately feel better about yourself and where your life is heading, and function at your highest capacity.

Intensive Private Coaching, Live Online, Customized Program

The Reinvent Intensive

45 Hours of Live Online and/or In-Person
Facilitation & Materials

Open the floodgates to your empowerment, creativity, and capacity, and completely reinvent your life with Reinvent Breakthrough.

Your goals and dreams are inside you for a reason, but if you’re struggling to live a life that embodies them, you may be in the “stuck-gap” – where you cannot move forward without help. This dangerous time in a transformational process prevents the birth of a life that reflects the deepest desires of your soul.

Reinvent Breakthrough is designed to help you escape this vicious cycle of anxiety, uncertainty, and inaction, and totally redesign your life. Through this immersive private program, we’ll work together to save every important piece of the life you’ve had, and weave it into an entirely new life in the best way. You’ll discover practical steps, and receive regular accountability to ensure you can move forward in the creation of your new life and new self.

Through commitment to your journey and the tools and processes I’ll share with you, I’m confident that you’ll reach – and even exceed – your vision for your dream life.

Open the floodgates to your empowerment,
creativity, and capacity…

The Reinvent Intensive Is Perfect For You If…

Life as you know it is shifting and changing, and you need to pivot towards a new future.

Your soul is burning for a change, and you want to feel more like yourself and embody who you’re meant to be.

You need expert support and guidance to escape the “stuck gap” and get back on the path toward your destiny.

You want practical steps and accountability to reinvent your life and rewrite the future of your story.

Immersive, Customized, Private Facilitation, In-Person (and/or Live Online) 

Private Client Opportunities To Empower You Through Self-Discovery and Recalibration…

No matter what stage of life you’re at, or what goals you’re hoping to achieve, my Private Client Services are designed to help you experience transformational success. This isn’t simply a step-by-step program or guide… This is an entirely renewed life that I will be guiding you to discover.

Are You Ready To Take Your First Step Toward Your Tuned-Up and Dialed-in Life?

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