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Your Vibrant Body

This Your Vibrant Body legal document was last updated on June 30, 2023.



All Daphne Michaels Institute trainings embody transformational potential through an individual journey presented in a learning community. The training activities and content are not designed nor do they seek to replace or accomplish therapeutic interventions for mental or physical health issues, diagnosis, or conditions.


All training registrations are final. If you wish to cancel your participation in this training a written advance notice is required and must be received by The Daphne Michaels Institute within 5 days of registering for the event. Send to 34831 Kinsey Street,#K204, Snoqualmie, WA. 98065. A cancellation fee of $75.00 will be deducted and a credit in the amount remaining will be issued and can be applied toward a future Daphne Michaels Institute training. If the Daphne Michaels Institute finds it necessary to terminate an applicant due to unacceptable behavior no refunds will be given. A full refund or voucher will be issued to any participant who is registered to attend a training that is canceled by The Daphne Michaels Institute. In this rare circumstance the refund will be issued within fourteen working days.

Copyright Notice

This Agreement commences upon the date you initially purchase access to the Program, and shall continue until the earlier of: (a) the termination of the Program by the Institute; (b) the termination of Program access for nonpayment of any portion of the Program fees; or (c) upon your violation of the terms or conditions of this Agreement, In addition, the Institute reserves the right to unilaterally terminate this Agreement on or after the one year anniversary date of when you initially purchased access to the Program by providing you with fourteen (14) days’ prior notice via email of such intent to terminate Program.The information, concepts, material, and exercises presented orally or in writing, are proprietary to the Daphne Michaels Institute and may not be reproduced or presented outside the Daphne Michaels Institute without express written permission. The Daphne Michaels Institute is a trade name owned by The Vibrational Health Institute.

Audio and Visual Recording Prohibitions

To protect confidential information, no audio or visual recordings, including photographs, are permitted at this event.


By enrolling in this event participant acknowledges that he/she understands the Disclaimer, Cancellation, Copyright Notice, and Audio and Visual Prohibitions. The participant agrees to hold the Daphne Michaels Institute harmless from any and all liability that arises from participant’s participation in the training.

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