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Finally, you’ll develop Marvelous Mastery over your life and reap the benefits you deserve4

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Daphne Michaels’ wisdom is invaluable. She is a master of human potential and a guide for each of us to realize our own potential beyond what we can imagine.

Dr. Laura Hershkowitz​

In working with Daphne, I have unleashed potential I didn’t know I had. I am more in control of my life and work and feel more fulfilled personally and professionally.

Dr. Lucia Leone​

Daphne’s work and program will absolutely take you to the next level and beyond. Her offerings are unique, powerful and aligned. I give you my highest support – enjoy!​

Claire Plourde​

Map to Marvelous
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Set your intention for a truly remarkable life ahead by enrolling in the Private – Map to Marvelous — 11.5 Hour Private Transformational Program today.

Get immediate access to your learning hub and beginning blueprint and schedule your live pre-program orientation call with Daphne Michaeals as soon as you enroll, so that you can get the most out of this transformational opportunity even before your first Live session begins. 

If you are called to become a master of your Marvelous Life – and you are willing to invest in yourself to get there – then this powerful Live program is the perfect solution for you.

Are You Struggling to Create a Satisfying and Fulfilling life that Reflects Your Deepest Desire?

You have been dissatisfied with the quality of your life, but haven’t known how to make it better. You can see the other side and envision your goals, but you don’t have the map you need to cross that bridge and create your Marvelous Life. You know there’s more to discover and achieve, but why does it feel just out of reach?

Have you found yourself facing any of these
struggles in your personal or professional life?

  • Is your mind full and overwhelmed by thoughts and ideas to make your life better? 
    But you’re struggling to bring them together in a cohesive and practical way…
  • Have you watched other people achieve and exceed their life goals? But you’re feeling
    left-behind and stagnant in your ability to make progress on your own…
  • Do you crave a life with no disconnect between who you are, and who you want to be? But need support in filling every bit of this gap inside you…
  • Does each day roll into the next without a real sense of purpose? But you feel unmotivated (and sometimes, unappreciated by others) when you try to make things different…
  • Do you want to connect with a higher realm to receive guidance and empowerment? But you’re unsure of how to experience a personal connection…

If you’ve answered “YES” to any of the above, or you simply have a burning desire for a MARVELOUS LIFE, then this transformational program is for you. 

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Daphne Michaels, Human Potential Expert, Coach and Mentor

Introducing the: MAP TO MARVELOUS Private Transformational Program

Join Human Potential Expert, Daphne Michaels and receive personal guidance to master a Marvelous Life.

If are coachable, open-minded, and ready to be guided by an expert with over 25 years experience working with high-potential clients, then this program is for you.

Experience immersive training, guided self-awareness, powerful exercises and more inside this Live, online training and personal mentorship program.

This is designed to inspire long-term success in creating a Marvelous Life.

Receive the Tools, Guidance & Support You Need for a Marvelous Life!

The truth is, the potential for a Marvelous Life is just moments away. But it takes understanding how to make the important energetic shifts inside you to unleash the undeniable power you have to influence every aspect of your life. 

Some shifts in your inner world will be of no surprise – you’ve wanted to make them for quite awhile. But you haven’t had the guidance needed for real breakthroughs. Other shifts in your psyche will be enormous and welcome surprises, opening up places that you shut down due to lack of knowledge or the disappointments we all experience in life. You threw away the key, not knowing that your personal potential was trapped behind that door.

The Map to Marvelous – Private Transformational Program goes beyond traditional training methods, and enables you to make the deep shifts in your psyche that you are ready to experience. Beyond simply trying to force your life to change externally – this program leads you to discover the power that drives your marvelous life, from the inside out.

Never again will you wonder about the secrets to a Marvelous Life, you will embody them. And you will also embody an internal map to guide your every step moving forward. 

Daphne is extremely gifted at illustrating concepts and walking the class through to understanding. It’s a pleasure to her student

Maura McGurk

To embark on a new world – effectively and powerfully – new teachings are required. Daphne has developed the new technologies and effectivenes of an expert guide. Dive in!

Denise Kelly

Daphne is the real deal.  Expectations of her work are high and after 6 years of engaging in her programs, expectations are exceeded every time. Every time. You’ll be well served in this program.

Diane Lachel

The Map to Marvelous Private Program is Specially Designed for You if you are willing to prioritize yourself and put in the time and energy required to master a Marvelous Life.

You Are Curious

You Know There Is More To Life

You Want to Make A Difference

You’re Ready To Invest In Yourself

You Want Energetic Secrets

You Are Motivated

You Want Greater Confidence

You Are Coachable

You Want a Radical Positive Shift 

You Want Greater Support

Let’s Take a Closer Look at What You’ll Receive Inside

Immerse yourself in 5 powerful, Live, two hour private sessions (conveniently scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays) with  expertly designed program materials and more…

Pre-program Orientation Call with Daphne Michaels

The Map to Marvelous pre-program orientation call will guide you an opportunity to identify and discuss your greatest hopes, fears and challenges as you embark on this transformational journey to make your life Marvelous. You will also be guided to begin energetic exercises to increase your awareness, activate your creativity and embrace your expanded potential even before your program begins.

Focus 1: Marvelous Life Map

Every great journey begins with a map and the journey to the depth of your being is no exception. In this session you will discover exactly how to catalyze the power inside you to transform your life from just mediocre (or worse) to Marvelous. You’ll  gain clarity about how marvelous your life can be and learn the energetic – and practical – steps that will help make it a reality.

Focus 2: Marvelous Breakthroughs

When it comes to harnessing your personal potential, each and every breakthrough must be celebrated. During this session, you will have an opportunity to embrace the breakthroughs you’ve already experienced and energetically prepare for even greater breakthrough success. Through guided exercises you’ll identify what’s within reach, what’s within sight and what is completely beyond your imagination – but possible for you to create in your life, one breakthrough at a time.

Focus 3: Marvelous Magnetics

Creating a Marvelous Life requires not only clear intention. It requires catalyzed personal energy – not simply physical energy; but a vitality that makes you personally magnetic. In this session you will discover exercises and practices to increase your energetic vitality. You’ll also learn what it means to magnetize your life through greater energetic awareness, knowledge and skill.

Focus 4: Your Marvelous Team

While you cannot create a Marvelous Life on your own, you may be surprised to learn that support is all around you in both the visible and invisible realms of life. In this session you will have an opportunity to identify the energetic grid you already have that is filled with support to make your life Marvelous.  You will also specifically identify the support you need moving forward and how to cultivate those important resources.

Focus 5: Marvelous Mastery

In this final session, you’ll learn what it takes to develop Marvelous Life Mastery so that you may continue on your evolutionary journey and expand your Marvelous Life each day. Gone forever are the days of longing and confusion as you develop heightened awareness about where you want to be in life and how to get there.

Accelerate Your Life Success With Invaluable Resources and Support

Here’s what you’ll have access to inside:

  • Program Learning Hub to keep your transformational experience organized. Here you will find Zoom access inks to each Private, Live session, replay videos and all your program materials
  • Pre-program Orientation Call so that you may start making your life Marvelous the moment you enroll
  • Up to 15 hours of powerful, live on-line private program facilitation with Daphne offering real-time coaching and support
  • Expertly designed program materials for an immersive, simple-to-navigate learning experience
  • Convenient Saturday and Sunday scheduling options  
  • Relevant diagrams, guides and resources for life-long reference



Installment plan available. Space is limited. 

Receive World-Class Coaching from Human Potential Expert and Guru for a Spectacular Life...

Daphne …

I’ve spent over 25 years guiding thousands of people to their highest potential through my life-altering energetic framework, tools and practices.

I’ve dedicated my life to understanding the heights and depths of the human psyche through the study of integral psychology and behavioral science.

I also worked for decades as a licensed psychotherapist and continue to work as a master trainer and executive consultant…

Through my own personal unfolding of my spiritual life, and the deep work I’ve done with countless individuals, I’ve developed this transformational, Map to Marvelous program.

I am so excited to spend five powerful sessions with you – guiding you every step of the way – to your Marvelous Life!

Are You Ready to Discover Your Breakthrough Potential and Master Your Marvelous Life today?

Enroll today and put the energy in motion to transform your mediocre life into the Marvelous Life you’ve always dreamed of. Learn the energetic secrets to kick-start your transformation and make real progress toward the life you want. Discover how to make personal shifts inside you that can immediately result in new manifestations. Find the missing pieces to your Marvelous Life and don’t look back. It is right there for the taking. 

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