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Daphne Michaels, Human Potential Expert, Coach and Mentor
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LIVE Online or in-person Leadership Coaching, Training and Mentorship… 

Confidently Change Lives, Exceed Organizational Goals, And Serve Your Customers And Community Like Never Before

Learn to embody a masterful approach to effective, motivating and inspirational leadership. Through powerful private training & mentoring, you’ll receive the personal guidance you need to elevate all aspects of your leadership. Finally you can claim the missing pieces of your success, and become the leader you were destined to be.

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Daphne Michaels’ wisdom is invaluable. She is a master of human potential and a guide for each of us to realize our own potential beyond what we can imagine.

Dr. Laura Hershkowitz​

In working with Daphne, I have unleashed potential I didn’t know I had. I am more in control of my life and work and feel more fulfilled personally and professionally.

Dr. Lucia Leone​

Daphne’s work and program will absolutely take you to the next level and beyond. Her offerings are unique, powerful and aligned. I give you my highest support – enjoy!​

Claire Plourde​

Are You Struggling to Make the Undeniable Impact You Want to Make in Your Leadership Role?

You can see the other side and envision your goals, but you don’t have the roadmap you need to cross that bridge and reach profound success. You know there’s more to discover and achieve, but why does it feel just out of reach?

Have you found yourself facing any of these
struggles when it comes to your leadership?

  • Is your mind full and overwhelmed by thoughts and ideas to grow your organization? 
    But you’re struggling to bring them together in a cohesive and practical way…
  • Have you watched other people achieve and exceed their goals? But you’re feeling
    left-behind and stagnant in your ability to make a lasting impact…
  • Do you feel unaligned with your organization’s mission, vision and goals? But you know you can’t inspire or lead others without a clear vision yourself…
  • Does each day roll into the one before without a real sense of purpose? But you feel unmotivated (and sometimes, unappreciated) when you try to make a change…
  • Are you wanting to hone your skills and experiences to truly impact and change the lives of others? But you’re unsure how to best use your experience to serve your organization…
  • Do you wish you had someone to look to as an example of strong, purposeful leadership? But you lack strong mentors and guidance around you

If you’ve answered “YES” to any of the above, or you simply have a burning desire to become a better leader, then this training & mentoring program is for you. 

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Introducing: The Leadership Mastery Program

Experience immersive training methods, guided self-awareness, powerful exercises and more inside this training and mentorship program. This is designed to inspire long-term business, organizational and entrepreneurial success for leaders of any kind!

Receive the Tools, Training & Support You Need for Renewed Leadership Success

The truth is, amazing leadership begins and ends with having good intentions. In between are volumes of success stories that are still to be written. 

Some of these stories will showcase your obvious accomplishments: the lives you’ve changed, the communities you’ve served, the lifestyle you’ve attained. The deeper story, however, will showcase your journey: who you personally had to become to change those lives, serve those communities, and attain that lifestyle. 

The Leadership Mastery Program enables you to take hold of your story. Beyond simply changing what you do as a leader, this program leads you to discover what really drives your success, so you can embody the powerful leadership role you desire.

Let’s Take a Closer Look at What You’ll Learn Inside

Immerse yourself in 17 training sessions, 
private mentorship and powerful new tools

Focus 1: Eight Hallmarks of Masterful Leaders

Ever wondered what makes some leaders able to manage multiple loyalties, promote standards of excellence, encourage creativity and invent seamless solutions? In the first month, you’ll explore how you can embody these 4 hallmarks (and 4 others) as the Touchstones of Masterful Leadership.

Focus 2: Hone a Bird’s-Eye Perspective

Observing a broad range of processes which hinder or support success is central to profound leadership. This month focuses on ways you can recognize patterns, anticipate challenges and dial-in the timing of your actions. Understanding the 10 Types of Leaders will help you fully leverage your sphere of influence.

Focus 3: Your Masterful Leader Archetype

When it comes to success, discovering Your Profound Leader Archetype™ will rapidly accelerate your journey. Across Month 3, the 4 Phases of Masterful Leadership Development are revealed along with the 5 Dimensions of Personal Power and a step-by-step Guide to Embody your profound leadership potential.

Focus 4: Direct Unlimited Creativity

In today’s world, success is attained through a combination of expertise and creativity. During this month, the 4 Principles of Expertise will be highlighted to invigorate your continuous improvement. You will also explore new and compelling ways to Cultivate a Creative Climate and Direct Creative Flow.

Focus 5: Turn Enemies into Allies

Could your enemies actually be allies in disguise? Month 5 reveals the Masterful Leader’s 4 Natural Enemies, teaches how to track emotions as alarms, and clarifies distinctions between good and bad politics. An in-depth look at 7 Methods to Avert Problems offers ways to anticipate and proactively resolve emerging challenges.

Focus 6: Develop Your Leadership Presence

Is it possible to be both commanding and approachable? Knowledgeable and curious? Kind and fierce? An exploration of Personal Presence will support your capacity to instantly organize and leverage Engagement Power. Mental techniques to positively shift awareness, minimize stress and encourage openness will be revealed.

Focus 7: Invite Astonishing Success

The ability to turn Moments into Momentum is a key trait of masterful leaders. In these sessions, the 5 Beliefs of Masterful Leaders will be explored as a means to keep your mental trajectory Oriented to Astonishing Success. The SMART Guide will highlight the 50 program tools to turn your visions into reality.

Focus 8: Futurescape a Masterful and United Enterprise

In this final session, a Futurescaping Model and the UNITE Guide will support your ability to unite, nurture, inspire, transform and embrace the people, platforms and limitless potential available to you as a masterful leader. Conducting a Symphony of Success will reveal the keys to leveraging harmony between all the moving parts of your enterprise.

Daphne is extremely gifted at illustrating concepts and walking the class through to understanding. It’s a pleasure to her student

Maura McGurk

To embark on a new world – effectively and powerfully – new teachings are required. Daphne has developed the new technologies and effectivenes of an expert guide. Dive in!

Denise Kelly

Daphne is the real deal.  Expectations of her work are high and after 6 years of engaging in her programs, expectations are exceeded every time. Every time. You’ll be well served in this program.

Diane Lachel

This Program is Specially Designed for Leaders in Every Industry, Role and Level of Experience


Professional Practitioners


Business Owners







Accelerate Your Learning & Success With Invaluable Resources and Support

Here’s what you’ll have access to inside:

  • Program Orientation Session to create clarity and alignment with your goals, and set you up for success across your program journey
  • 16x training sessions (totaling 56 hours of live engagement) to equip and empower you to become the masterful leader you want to be
  • Expertly designed program materials for an immersive, simple-to-navigate learning experience
  • Personalized program manual to bring your learning to life in a practical, powerful way
  • Private, pre-program phone consultation with Daphne Michaels
  • Relevant diagrams, guides and resources for career-long refererence

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Receive World-Class Coaching From

Daphne Michaels…

I’ve spent over 25 years guiding thousands of people to their highest leadership potential through my practical and insight provoking work. I’ve studied deeply in the fields of integral psychology and behavioral science, of which I hold a Master of Arts degree with an emphasis in leading and consulting. I also worked for decades as a licensed psychotherapist and continue to work as an executive consultant.

I wholeheartedly believe that leadership is more than a skill. It’s a personal art form, and one that can only be developed through expert training. 

I’m looking forward to partnering with you, and helping you become the leader you desire to be.

Ready to Discover Your Greatest Potential and Become the Masterful Leader You’ve Always Wanted to be?

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