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An Evolutionary Community for Ultra-Conscious Living and Learning




receive world-class human potential mentoring, tutoring, classes, seminars, workshops and more in the field of human potential and personal growth.

Stewards of a Higher Bandwidth

Here is your exclusive membership opportunity to join a vibrant community and receive training in new ways to navigate every part of your life, including your personal growth, human potential, career and career growth and leadership development.

- Daphne

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Join the SHB Movement to elevate your life in ways you’ve only dreamed about. Immerse yourself in the most comprehensive consciousness training available as you embody your gifts, unleash your magic and transform your life.

Let Daphne and The SHB Community show you how!


The SHB Movement

The SHB Movement promises an evolutionary leap in consciousness for those ready to  embrace a new way of life.

Through the development of your chakra system and the activation of your light body you will become capable of ushering greater health, love and abundance into your world.

As a Steward of a Higher Bandwidth, you’ll develop a state of wholeness – with the Universe – filled with insights, epiphanies and realizations.

Best of all, you’ll create endless reasons to celebrate your life every day.

Join me in discovering how…

- Daphne

Take a Closer Look inside
the SHB Community

Are you ready to enter a new paradigm and through your carefully guided development, change the world? Are you ready to be part of the solution in your own life and beyond?

Join The SHB Movement for Personal Empowerment, Enlightened Connections and Evolution of Consciousness.

Here's just a fraction of how you'll benefit from The SHB Movement!

Let's take a closer look at what you'll receive:

Step 1: Become a Member

Stewards of a Higher Bandwidth —
Member Benefits

  1. Attend Stewards Worldwide Institute for Members and Receive live online and digital membership training to fully enter the Extraordinary Aquarian Age through chakra development, light body activation and evolution of consciousness
  2. Receive the Energetic Awareness Collection (the most comprehensive digital human potential training program available)
  3. Receive a digital copy of “Book of SHB — Volume 1: Elevate” — the authoritative guide to the Teachings of Daphne
  4. Monthly Stewards Worldwide Group Gatherings (Your SHB Home Group):
    1. Use proprietary Stewards Worldwide processes and methods from the Teachings of Daphne to develop your chakra system, light body and visionary capacity to manifest personal empowerment, enlightened community and evoled consciousness
    2. Your SHB Home Group will either be hosted by a Certified SHB Facilitator or facilitated online by Founder Daphne Michaels
    3. Light of Our Times (taped interviews with leaders in Human Potential such as Ram Dass, Julia Cameron, Dr. Masaru Emoto) 

Time is of the essence... help others birth into the Extraordinary Aquarian Age!

Step 2: Apply to Become a Facilitator

Stewards of a Higher Bandwidth —
Certified SHB Facilitator Benefits

  1. Accelerate your energetic awareness and your own birth into the Extraordinary Aquarian Age by helping others
  2. Enjoy the full scope of your membership benefits as you follow an evolved path to the next energetic level. Apply to become a Certified Small Group Facilitator (SHB facilitators are independent volunteers dedicated to helping others birth into the Extraordinary Aquarian Age through the Teachings of Daphne)
  3. Create and empower enlightened community devoted to personal empowerment and conscious evolution
  4. Utilize the Teachings of Daphne to nurture a small group of individuals who want personal empowerment, enlightened community and evolved consciousness
  5. Receive ongoing world-class live in-person and digital training and support from founder, Daphne Michaels
  6. Join forces with other Certified SHB Facilitators to grow a grass roots movement designed to exponentially usher today’s seekers into the Extraordinary Aquarian Age

Meet Your Channel, Healer and Guide

Daphne …

Human Potential Expert and Guide to the Extraordinary Aquarian Age

I’ve spent over 25 years guiding thousands of people to their highest potential through my life-altering energetic work. I’ve dedicated my life to understanding the heights and depths of the human psyche through the study of integral psychology and behavioral science. I’ve also worked for decades as a licenced psychotherapist and executive consultant…

These experiences have led me to where I am today: empowering clients globally to embrace their elevated consciousnesses through my programs, books, and private client services.

Through my own personal unfolding of my spiritual life, and the deep work I’ve done with countless individuals, I’ve developed a proven pathway to guide groups into the Aquarian Age of love, truth and beauty.


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