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Daphne Michaels, Executive Coach, Leadership Consultant, Trainer and Mentor
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Maximize Your Impact With Private Leadership Training & Mentorship

Step into your future as a confident and effective leader and make a life-changing impact on your team, clients and community. With personalized coaching tailored to your unique challenges, goals and vision, you can become the profound leader you were destined to be.

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You Have What It Takes To Achieve Big Goals And Change Lives (And Industries) For The Better…

You pour your heart and soul into your role as a leader, and you’re passionate about the mission you’re on. Your work isn’t a job, it’s an identity that you carry with you both in and out of your workplace or business. It means the world to you to inspire others, illuminate their potential, and call them higher – and you know this is truly what you were destined to do in this world.

But your journey to become the best possible leader you can be isn’t a straight line. The challenges you face shift and change on a daily basis. Your success as a leader is influenced by the people within your team, the goals your organization has set, the customers and clients you serve, the economy around you, and so much more.

Regardless of how many books you devour, seminars you watch, or traditional methods you follow, oftentimes you need specific, private training and coaching to help you breakthrough to your leadership potential. And, to help you gain the momentum that will put you in the extraordinary league you desire.

Have You Found Yourself Facing Any Of The Following Struggles In Your Leadership Journey?

  • Do you feel weighed down under the pressure of organizational goals and expectations? And you struggle to know what to prioritize and when…
  • Does your leadership style click with some team members, but repel others? 
    And you need to know how to lead everyone on your team…
  • Do you need greater leadership skills, methods, and quick responses to use at a
    moment’s notice? And you aren’t sure where to glean the right information…
  • Do you wrestle with imposter syndrome, or fear you aren’t cut out for your role? 
    And you need a voice of reason to give you perspective…
  • Do you struggle to find your purpose in your day-to-day tasks? And each day rolls into the next, without the passion you crave…
  • Do you feel called to make a difference in the lives of your team and colleagues? 
    And you need a strategy to move you in the right direction…
  • Do you see yourself in a higher league as a leader? And you lack a clear roadmap to take you where you know you belong…

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. As a leader, you pour so much time, energy and passion into helping others… but where can YOU turn when you need someone to invest in your gifts and talents, so you can increase and enjoy your leadership success? If any of these challenges sound familiar, then this opportunity is for you.

Through Private Leadership Training & Mentorship, You Can Access The Inspiration, Guidance And Clarity That You’ve Been Craving

Receive tailored advice on how to move forward through your specific challenges, accelerate your impact, and achieve your goals. Using the principles of her highly acclaimed Profound Leader Breakthrough Program, Daphne Michaels will design a personalized system for your success.

Immerse yourself in profound training resources, and powerful private coaching, to become the highly effective, intuitive and charismatic leader you were meant to be!

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Receive The Tools, Training & Support You Need For Profound Leadership Success

The truth is, masterful leadership begins and ends with having good intentions. In between are volumes of success stories that are still to be written. Some of these stories will showcase your obvious accomplishments: the lives you’ve changed, the communities you’ve served, the lifestyle you’ve attained.

The deeper story, however, will showcase your journey: who you personally had to become to change those lives, serve those communities, and attain that lifestyle. Private Leadership Training & Mentorship goes beyond typical methods, and enables you to take hold of your story. 

Beyond simply changing what you do as a leader, this highly customized program leads you to discover the power that’s really driving your success, so you can embody the profound leadership role you were destined for.

The 5D Success Model Is A Proven, Personalized And Customized Approach To Bring Out The Masterful Leader In You

Work with master trainer, mentor and CEO maker Daphne Michaels as she uncovers and helps you implement a proven, 5-phase pathway for leadership success:


Complete a crucial exploration to find the exact leverage points that can increase your leadership results, and align you with your organization’s mission, vision and goals.


Engage in scenario planning, and strategize ways to optimize your training and maximize your transformation. Discover who you need to become to get the best results for your organization.


Benefit from our team of graphic designers, who custom-create a map for you, to turn your Discover and Dream phases into a reality. Move the conceptual energy into more practical and purposeful step-by-step instructions to best serve you.


Receive personalized training and coaching based on the practical and purposeful map you created. Receive a customized training manual and smart guide for your continuous development.


Look at what you’ve accomplished and identify who you have become as a profound leader. Work to define the best ways to sustain and continue your growth, and identify your next steps forward.

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Daphne is extremely gifted at illustrating concepts and walking the class through to understanding. It’s a pleasure to be her student.

Maura McGurk​

To embark on new worlds – effectively and powerfully – new teachings are required. Daphne has developed the new technologies and effectiveness of an expert guide. Dive in!

Denise Kelly​

Daphne is the real deal. Expectations of her work are high and after 6 years of engaging in her programs, expectations are exceeded every time. Every time. You’ll be well served in this program.

Diane Lachel ​

This Private Program Is Specially Designed For Leaders In Every Industry, Role And Experience




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Business Owners


Invaluable Resources And Support To Maximize Your Success

Here’s what you’ll have access to inside:

  • Private, pre-program conversation with Daphne Michaels to clarify your goals and set you up for success across your program journey.
  • 3-4 months of regular, immersive, private training and coaching sessions to equip and empower you to become the profound leader you want to be.
  • Expertly designed program materials for a powerful, simple-to-navigate learning experience.
  • Personalized luxury program manual to bring your learning to life in a practical, powerful and memorable way.
  • Lifetime relevant diagrams, guides and resources for career-long reference.

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Receive World-Class Training
And Coaching From

Daphne Michaels…

Master Trainer, Mentor & CEO Maker

I’ve spent over 25 years guiding thousands of people to their highest leadership potential through my practical and insight provoking work. I’ve dedicated my life to understanding the heights and depths of the human psyche through the study of integral psychology and behavioral science. I also worked for decades as a licenced psychotherapist and continue to work as an executive consultant.

I wholeheartedly believe that leadership is more than a skill. It’s a personal artform, and one that can only be developed through profound training. Claiming the missing pieces to your leadership success puzzle is your birthright, and becoming a highly effective, intuitive, and charismatic leader is what you’re made for!

I’m looking forward to partnering with you, and helping you become the leader you were destined to be.

It’s Time To Step Into Your Identity As A Profound Leader And Make The Impact You’ve Been Dreaming Of...

Receive tailored guidance to help you navigate your leadership journey with confidence. Not only will you have a proven roadmap to success, but a caring mentor to walk with you each step of the way. If you’re ready to elevate your leadership, apply for Private Leadership Training today.

*Book a no-obligation application call with Daphne Michaels now

*Book a no-obligation applicationcall with Daphne Michaels now

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